Why should I hire a lawyer in my case?

Your particular case may involve many aspects of law that only a lawyer would know. In some cases, if you are not able to convince the law about your stance, you may not be given a right to appeal. If you hire a lawyer, he/she can appeal for you in the same or in a superior court.

Am I obligated to hire you if I ask for advice?

No, we provide a FREE initial consultation which puts you under no obligation to hire us. You can then decide whether you want us to proceed any further or not.

What happens to any sort of information that I shared with you?

Naturally, client confidentiality is our first priority. So if you brought any paperwork with you, those will be returned to you. We will also deem any information that you gave us as totally confidential.

How do you charge your fee?

In most cases we don’t get paid till your case is settled and you receive the proper compensation money. But we do make it very clear to you about how much will it be. In other cases where you are not seeking financial compensation, we are flexible in charging and receiving our fee. It will depend on the case and we suggest you contact us for more details on the fee structure at 416.675.7002.

How much do you charge for consultancy ?

Our first consultation is FREE. This, we believe, will give you a picture about how best we can help you in winning your case.